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008: Realizing Your Self Worth as an Artist with Andrew Reiner


This is a special episode for me today because I get to sit down and interview long time friend Andrew Reiner or Andrew Reiner Photography.  I met Andrew back in college where we were both attending Richard Stockton University.  Andrew has always been super talented and had a passion to turn his talent into his life’s work.  As anyone who is in the creative space knows, the hardest part is to get going.

Andrew Reiner _ Jonathan Moore _ Go Follow Up Podcast

Being an artist and “entrepreneur” can be an internal struggle, especially when it comes to putting a price tag on your services.  This is where I see most struggling, including myself.  So the question is, how do we get our names out there, while accepting work that best highlights our talents and allows us to remain profitable? If you were or are a “starving artist” this is the episode for you.  Andrew shares with us how he’s navigated his path in creating a name for himself and the finding a style that works for him.  If there’s work that you’re currently taking on right now and you know that’s not what you want to be doing forever, we get it.  After all we still have to pay bills and eat.  Am I right?  But there also comes a point where we need to realize our self worth and begin to get compensated for it fairly.

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