005: How to become a Content Creator with Dariel Figueroa of IdeaHouse Studios

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How to become a Content Creator with Dariel Figueroa for IdeaHouse Studios
In today’s episode of the podcast I sit down with CEO and Founder of IdeaHouse Studios Dariel Figueroa.  Dariel shares with us his experience on what it’s like to be a content writer in today’s digital marketing age.  Dariel Figueroa has always had a passion for reading and writing stories which he turned into a full time income. The road for content creators can be a tough one to navigate.  Let’s see how Dariel has managed to learn tips and tricks from creating for huge companies like UpRocks and used that to launch his own digital content creation company IdeaHouse Studios.
What are the benefits of content marketing? Content writing/creation for the digital marketing these days can be tough.  Often times, content creators aren’t paid what they’re worth.  So how do you get around being taken advantage of and making sure you get your fair share?  That’s a question many content creators struggle with.  In this episode Dariel will share with us how he’s been able to navigate this road and double down on his strengths.
Learn more about Dariel and IdeaHouse Studios by visiting www.ideahousestudios.blog . To see the video version of this interview visit my Youtube page.

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